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Hastings FC

Jonesboro, AR
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Men and Women
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  • Bearsmasher
    Bearsmasher scheduled a new soccer game for Sun, Aug 15.
    Sat, Aug 14 2:31 PM
  • Ecbutler
    Ecbutler joined the Hastings FC crew.
    Sat, Aug 14 7:03 AM
  • Scotty K
    Scotty K joined the Hastings FC crew.
    Sat, Aug 14 5:13 AM
  • Bearsmasher
    Bearsmasher updated the Hastings FC crew.
    Sat, Aug 14 2:23 AM
  • Bearsmasher
    Bearsmasher wrote a crew comment.
    "Hey guys, I made this site so we could put info up on soccer times online so we wouldn't have to use mass texting to figure out when and where. A few weeks ago we talked about playing again on AUG 15. We need to figure out what time we want to play. Also I think we need to come up with a better name for the crew. Hastings FC sounds really lame. Post suggestions and we can vote or something."
    Sat, Aug 14 2:13 AM
  • Bearsmasher
    Bearsmasher created the Hastings FC crew.
    Sat, Aug 14 2:09 AM
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