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Huntington Beach Soccer

Huntington Beach, CA
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Men and Women
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This group was created because people are searching for soccer games in Huntington Beach.

Feel free to join this group if you'd like to play.  Once there are enough players the web site will contact everyone to set up a time and place.

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  • Crusader Rabbit
    Crusader Rabbit joined the Huntington Beach Soccer crew.
    Wed, Oct 13 2:08 AM
  • Crusader Rabbit
    Crusader Rabbit wrote a crew comment.
    "Check out Soccer World Training Center on Talbert.  Adult pickup at night.  Two small fields enclosed in nets.  Just open so not busy.  Had the place to our selves.  Grippy turf, but cool for fast 3v3 or 4v4.  They even open it up for 5v5 w/keepers too."
    Wed, Oct 13 2:07 AM
  • Byrongbame
    Byrongbame joined the Huntington Beach Soccer crew.
    Wed, Aug 18 5:33 PM
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No games are currently scheduled for this crew. Want to play? Suggest a time and place, and let's play!

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