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Mountain View Soccer

Mountain View, CA
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Men and Women
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This group was created because people are searching for soccer games in Mountain View.

Feel free to join this group if you'd like to play.  Once there are enough players the web site will contact everyone to set up a time and place.

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  • Soccertimenow
    Soccertimenow wrote a crew comment.
    "Look for Rich (I wear black/white Adidas socks and green/blue shoes)

    Saturday 8:30am – 9:30am Cooper Park in Mountain View (go to small field in Cooper Park on left side of Action Day Primary Plus School)
    333 Eunice Ave, Mountain View, CA ‎
    30 minutes each half with 2 min water break
    Sunday 8:30am – 9:30am Landel’s Park in Mountain View (behind the Landels Elementary School)
    115 W Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041  
    30 minutes each half with 2 min water break

    Note: You will get an email on any cancellations so make sure you are on this distribution list if you show up for the first time or get a forwarded invite."
    Fri, Oct 18 4:10 AM
  • かいぞく めへぢ
    かいぞく めへぢ joined the Mountain View Soccer crew.
    Fri, May 18 2:31 AM
  • Miguel Reyes1k
    Miguel Reyes1k joined the Mountain View Soccer crew.
    Sun, Jul 3 2:15 AM
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No games are currently scheduled for this crew. Want to play? Suggest a time and place, and let's play!