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O'side Unt.

Oceanside and surrounding area, CA
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Men and Women
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It seems the groups that are created are not active, its time to change that, lets do this guys/gals its time to start the movement and play as often as humanly possible, so join up and play.

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  • Allison Nymeyer
    Allison Nymeyer joined the O'side Unt. crew.
    Thu, Sep 26 4:54 PM
  • George Osorio
    George Osorio wrote a crew comment.
    "where is buchanon park? and is there a lot of people playing there"
    Mon, Jul 29 4:56 PM
  • George Osorio
    George Osorio joined the O'side Unt. crew.
    Mon, Jul 29 4:56 PM
  • Samphoran
    Samphoran joined the O'side Unt. crew.
    Sat, Jun 2 7:05 PM
  • Cavvy
    Cavvy wrote a crew comment.
    "So if you join this group thank you much, i will check this regularly and hopefully no one has lost faith for this site for this area we live in. once i start seeing some activity i.e people joining i will set up a time and place depending on the size of the game. for now buchanon park looks to be a promising place."
    Fri, Feb 25 11:04 PM
  • Cavvy
    Cavvy created the O'side Unt. crew.
    Fri, Feb 25 11:01 PM
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