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Davis Recreational Soccer

Davis, CA
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Men and Women
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Looking to find some pickup soccer in the Davis area.  Join up if you're interested in playing and we'll get some games scheduled.

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  • Ewan McNeil
    Ewan McNeil joined the Davis Recreational Soccer crew.
    Tue, Jun 16 3:44 AM
  • Ewan McNeil
    Ewan McNeil wrote a crew comment.
    "There is a pickup game at arroyo park in west Davis on Sunday's and Wednesday's 9am-11:30am for ages 12-17. Starts June 28 2015"
    Tue, Jun 16 3:44 AM
  • JohnT
    JohnT wrote a crew comment.
    "From my experience I see many pickup games in Davis.  Try the one on Sundays 3:30 p.m. Sandy Motley field.  Also check the IM field next to Russell Blvd Saturday mornings."
    Sun, Jan 23 9:10 PM
  • Hd
    Hd left the Davis Recreational Soccer crew.
    Sun, Jan 23 6:21 PM
  • Ktmaurer
    Ktmaurer wrote a crew comment.
    "Hello! I'm pretty new to Davis, just curious if there are any pick up games on in the winter?  Cheers!"
    Sun, Jan 23 5:52 PM
  • SethWong
    SethWong wrote a crew comment.
    "Late night games in a bike tunnel around UCD campus anyone?"
    Thu, Nov 11 7:57 PM
  • SethWong
    SethWong joined the Davis Recreational Soccer crew.
    Thu, Nov 11 7:54 PM
  • Jwandrew
    Jwandrew wrote a crew comment.
    "Did this game ever come together?  Anyone know if this Sunday Mace Ranch park game (mentioned in an earlier comment) is still happening?  Thanks!  Just moved to Davis and miss my old great pickup game."
    Thu, Aug 26 3:11 AM
  • Kettlone
    Kettlone wrote a crew comment.
    "don't know if it's still there, but there used to be a pretty regular game at Mace Ranch Park every Sunday morning.  9ish in the summer, 11ish in the winter. The guy who organizes it is Raul. Pretty much anyone can walk on. If you are hard up enough you could see if it's still there"
    Wed, Jul 7 11:08 PM
  • Giacomozignago
    Giacomozignago wrote a crew comment.
    "Interested in playing. Let me know when and where. Last time went to  
    the davis campus but no one showed up

    Wed, Jul 7 10:58 PM
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No games are currently scheduled for this crew. Want to play? Suggest a time and place, and let's play!