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  • K Mullins
    K Mullins wrote a comment on DJayhawk's profile.
    "Oy, what type of soccer you lookin for, i run a crew that has a religious following for street soccer, we're O-town Callejeros, we play in Olathe. Mind you we're pretty competitive though, see our crew page an see if it seems like your scene."
    Thu, Jul 8 5:12 PM
  • DJayhawk
    DJayhawk wrote a crew comment.
    "Are there currently any games going on in KC?  I'm looking for a pickup game any night of the week or weekend. Thanks"
    Thu, Jul 8 2:40 AM
  • DJayhawk
    DJayhawk wrote a comment on Wade's profile.
    "Wade,  Have you found any pickup games in the KC area on a regular basis?  I saw you were also looking over at too.  email if you know of anything:"
    Wed, Jul 7 2:56 AM
  • DJayhawk
    DJayhawk joined the Overland Park Soccer crew.
    Wed, Jul 7 2:55 AM
  • DJayhawk
    DJayhawk joined CALLE.
    Tue, Jul 6 9:50 PM